Why does this site exist ?

Some indeterminate time ago, I was casting around for good names to use for a Domain.  The plan was not so much to create a website as to have my own cool domain name to use as an email address.

As time progressed I found myself building several websites and writing two SciFi and most recently finished my first Fantasy novel.  This site now serves as a gateway to genre specific sites.

I have provided links to the site that showcases the SciFi genre in the Links section of this site.  The Fantasy site will follow shortly, but in the interim a link to the first of many Fantasy offerings can also be found here.  Now it seems I have a real a purpose for this site.


As time goes on I will add other links that I find interesting or that visitors suggest.   My intent is to use this as a gateway to my work and a glimpse into how I think.

Like many people, I also have a fascination for Dragons

Good luck in your travels and feel free to drop me a line using the Contact link above.

In other words:

       "We have no maps or machetes. Watch out for snakes and tigers. I think there's a town that way through the jungle. Have a nice walk."

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