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Doc and the Doll

Doc has always been a giver, helping whenever he can. However, when he tried to prevent a jogger from being kidnapped, she was not thankful.  She is a DARPA scientist and immediately goes into inquiry mode because something about Doc is not right.


Doc soon discovers that his parents were not human, which explains why getting shot has always been only a minor annoyance. It appears part of his legacy includes a heavily armed interstellar ship, hidden somewhere for him to find and claim.


This ship could prove to be useful for stopping an interstellar slave trade organization.


And so begins the adventures of Doc and the Doll.


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The Stray

Who doesn't feel the need to rescue a "Stray"


Thomas has been doing that most of his life and didn't hesitate to pick up a stray on his way back from Vegas.


What he wasn’t expecting was the extra baggage. This stray brought an Interstellar secret agent with a snarky attitude and possibly amorous intentions into his otherwise ordered life.


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Sci-Fi - Watcher Journals Series

What Happens In Roswell ...

Seven years ago Andrew Wesman, a retired Navy SEAL and widower, was looking forward to a relaxing day off-roading in the mountains.


He got a bit farther off road than he intended. Now he’s returned home, that is back to Earth...


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They say returning home is not easy, whoever ‘they’ are.


Andrew, a Watcher, had returned to Earth intending to help humans understand they were not alone in the Universe.


As plans go, this one had tanked. Earth had won their first two space battles, but they didn’t know that yet...


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Fantasy - 13 Realms Series

A Man Walks Into A Bar

To Walter there are two kinds of magic. One is associated with geeks, weird dice, cards and cosplay. The other is a relaxing show in Las Vegas.


When he is influenced to enter the Bar by and imp named Bunny, he is now in her world which includes fairies, elves dragons and someone who wants Walter dead or alive!


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